GUTTER TRAP by John Stuart Berger is located in Sacramento Mural Alley at 3223 Folsom Boulevard in East Sacramento. This installation is part of the Archival Gallery building and is visible from Mural Alley.

This mural is about navigating life in general. The crow could represent anyone of us.  Even when our environment is favorable there are sometimes small obstacles that can inhibit our progress and our overall mental health. If we let these obstacles burden us, they will consume us and become a pain in the ass. We have to learn to persist and focus on the positive.  When we look back most of these awkward situations become trivial. I know this may seem like an overused cliché but sometimes there are some truths to these adages. After the last couple of years, the world seems like a crazy damaged place, and it is! I am just challenging everyone (myself included) to look for those cool, amazing particles of brilliance and beauty and embrace them. It may be a difficult challenge, but probably one that is worthy of your consideration.

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